What are the measurements?

Size & weight
Seat height30.71 inch
Wheelbase60.63 inch
Width (without mirrors)35.24 inch
Height (without mirrors)44.41 inch
Length86.50 inch
Weight540 lb
Maximum laden mass882 lb
Ground clearance5.90 inch
Front tire120/70 R17 (58W)
Rear tire240/45 R17 (82W)
Front suspension travel4.72 inch
Rear suspension travel4.17 inch
Rake / Caster angle20.5 degrees
Front:Double Brembo M4.32 calipers (4 pistons each), Double 12.6 inch Galfer discs
Rear:Verge rear caliper (4 pistons), Galfer peripheral 14.96 inch

What driver’s license is needed to ride the Verge TS

As all of our motorcycles are very powerful (80-150kW), you will need a full A-License to ride them.

Is this a 2-seater motorcycle?

The TS and TS Pro are registered for two people. TS Ultra is registered for one person.

Is the 1200Nm a typing error?

No, it is not. Our motor produces a peak torque figure of 1200nm. If this seems a lot, don’t worry, as our traction control system, ABS, and customizable riding modes keep you entirely in control.

Is 1200nm too much?

The number does seem large, but it is very controlled. Our motor is unique in the way it produces movement, and thanks to our safety systems and ride modes, you are in full control of how that power is delivered.

Are the visible cables safe?

Yes, the cables are safe. The cables are double-shielded, and the system is equipped with fail-safes and a series of sensors and fuses, ensuring that the whole electrical system will not put you in danger.  

That rear tire is large, is that custom?

The tire size is available at any normal tire location. It is the same tire as a Rocket 3 and a Diavel.

Does Verge motorcycle make sound?

Electric motorcycles are quiet compared to gasoline fuelled motorcycles. This adds to the unique experience of riding electric. The TS does not have a sound emitter installed. However, if governments mandate sound emitters at any point in time, we will install them for you.

Is the bike EU/TÜV Certified?

Yes, our bikes are fully EU-homologated.

Where are Verge motorcycles built?

Our motorcycles are built in Estonia.

Purchasing & Availability

How do I order a motorcycle?

Ordering a Verge motorcycle is simple.

  1. Go to the configurator, deck out your dream bike, and press continue,
  2. Pay your non-refundable deposit and
  3. Wait.
  4. Receive your bike.

Our manufacturing works with a first-come-first-serve -system, so the earlier you order, the quicker you’ll have your bike.

Are there payment options available?

There will be. First, you have to place your order. After placing your order, contact us by email at financing(a)www.vergemotorcycles.com, and we will help you further.

When do I receive my Verge?

Our support will contact you as your motorcycle is closing on finishing your motorcycle to set up the delivery dates and times.

Is it possible to test ride?

We will be holding test ride events in various locations. Follow us on our social media and subscribe to our newsletter to find out when and where.

Will you have dealerships?

You can buy Verge Motorcycles directly from our webshop. Our Dedicated showrooms will be in multiple locations as we grow.

We will also have pop-up stores for temporary periods. Subscribe to our social media and newsletters to find out where these locations are.

What countries do you deliver to?

At the moment we deliver to:

  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain

When will you deliver to the USA?

We are in the process of acquiring certificates and sales permission in the USA. We plan to start sales and deliveries in the USA in Q3/2024. You can already make a preliminary reservation to be one of the first to receive one once we start shipping.

When will you deliver to Asia, Oceania, and Africa?

Our primary focus at the moment is covering Europe and the USA. For the rest of the world, delivery times will vary greatly depending on your country and the order in which we expand our international operations. Rest assured, though, we are extending our reach as fast as we can to cover most of the world.

What colors are available?

We have 5 colors available as standard. However, there will also be seasonal specialty colors.


How do I turn the bike on? How do I know it is live/on?

NFC CARD activates the bike’s electrical system. Then on the right-hand controls, you click on the red button, then on the same-hand controls, you hold the black button down for 3 seconds, and a green light will light up telling you that the motorcycle is live/on.

Are there riding modes?

Yes. There are three standard modes (Range, ZEN, BEAST) and also a custom mode where you can adjust throttle response, regeneration, max speed, and torque to the level that is just right for your riding habits.

How do you change ride modes?

On your right-hand control module, there is a button on the bottom. When the drive is activated, tap this button to change the ride mode. The ride mode will change immediately and be shown on the 8-inch screen.

What will the screen show? What does the screen do?

The 8-inch infotainment system will allow you to get live data about your motorcycle and the battery. Custom ride mode and other features are controlled through the screen.

Will there be navigation in the screen system?


How does the rear brake work?

The rear wheel has two braking options. The first is the manual brake, operated by the left lever on the handlebars. The second brake is the regenerative braking done by the motor itself. This is customizable through the four available riding modes.

How strong is the regeneration braking?

Regenerative braking can be customized by you thanks to our riding modes. Eco has 80% strength, Highway has 20%, Max has 100%, and custom mode allows you to choose the power yourself.

Does the bike have ABS?

Yes, all of our models come equipped with anti-lock braking systems.

What are the front foot-pegs for?

The TS offers riders two riding positions, one for cruising and one for a more upright/sporty ride. When you are riding with a passenger, they can use the rear footpads, and the rider can use the front footpads.

Battery & Charging

What is the battery capacity?

The Verge TS, TS Pro come with a 20,2kWh battery. TS Ultra will come with a 21,8kWh battery.

What type of battery is it?

Lithium Ion Battery

How do you charge this bike?

Charging is done via the CCS Combo –plug, found under the aluminum hatch, just in front of the seat. You can connect to any type-2 charging station and DC charging stations with the CCS Combo plug.

Can I plug this motorcycle into my wall socket at home?

Absolutely. All you need is a UK, EU, or US to TYPE-2 cable  – We will be selling accessory chargers later.

What kW speed charger is the AC charger?

Our onboard AC charging facilitates 3.5 kW

Does the TS have DC charging, and with what connection?

The TS features DC charging with the CCS plug.

What DC charging speed can the TS achieve?

At the initial release, the TS will charge at 25kW. However, this will be upgraded as our tech develops.


Each model has its own range estimate. The range is the distance the motorcycle can travel on a single charge. Ranges can be calculated based on various assumptions and factors. Sometimes regulations mandate the method of calculating a specific range. It is worth noting that usually range estimates do not account for your personal riding patterns or external conditions that may increase or decrease actual range.

Each model sold and approved in the EU has a range measurement that has been calculated based on European Union regulation EU 134/2014 Annex VII. This range measurement is currently not available for Verge TS and Verge TS Ultra models as the EU type approval for these models is not yet complete. The EU range test is based on a mix of city and highway riding on a chassis dyno featuring relatively aggressive accelerations and decelerations at times. The dyno resistance is specified based on vehicle weight only, with aerodynamic qualities of the vehicle not being accounted for.

In addition to the EU test, for each model we have provided City and Highway estimates calculated by Verge that separate the two different types of riding and account for aerodynamic qualities of the vehicle. Both the City and Highway estimates assume a 165 lb rider and ideal riding conditions in terms of temperature, wind and tire pressure.

City estimate
The city estimate aims to provide a reasonable approximation of calm stop-and-go riding in an urban environment at low speeds. Actual range varies based on exact riding conditions, riding style and other factors.

Highway estimate
The highway estimate aims to provide a reasonable approximation of steady and consistent highway riding at a speed of 56 mph. Actual range varies based on exact riding conditions, riding style and other factors.


It is very important to note that estimated ranges are just that, estimates. Your actual real-life range is influenced by various factors, some of which depend on you. Understanding these factors will help you optimize your riding experience, alleviate any range anxiety, and get the most out of your bike. By being mindful of these factors and adopting efficient riding practices, you can maximize the range of your electric motorcycle and enjoy longer and more enjoyable rides between charges. It is also crucial to remember to follow the recommended maintenance procedures to keep your battery and motorcycle in optimal condition for the best performance.

Below is a list of some of the factors that can affect the range of your bike:

Battery Capacity
The capacity of your bike’s battery is a primary factor in determining its range. Different models may have different capacities and a larger battery will generally allow your motorcycle to travel further before needing a recharge.

Battery Age and Health
Over time, electric vehicle batteries experience capacity loss and reduced efficiency, leading to a decrease in range. Regular maintenance and proper charging practices can help maintain battery health and extend its useful life.

Weight and Air Resistance
The total weight the motorcycle carries, including the rider and any cargo, affects the energy demand and, consequently, the range. Heavier loads require more energy to move, which can result in a shorter range. Minimizing excess weight and distributing cargo efficiently can help improve range. Notably, in addition to weight, especially at higher speeds, air resistance becomes a relevant factor. For example, loose clothes or a tall rider may result in decreased range.

Riding Speed and Style
Riding at higher speeds or adopting an aggressive riding style can increase the energy consumption and reduce the motorcycle’s range. Higher speeds, quick acceleration, and frequent stops and starts, demand more power from the motor and battery. Riding at moderate and steady speeds will help conserve energy and extend the range. While the Ride Mode you select for your motorcycle will not directly affect range, it may encourage or enable a certain style of riding, which may in turn impact your range. For example, Beast mode does not inherently consume more energy than other modes, but it does enable you to accelerate more aggressively, if you wish to. As such, in the end what matters most is your riding style, how you choose to control the throttle and how that is reflected in your accelerations and overall speed.

Tire Condition and Pressure
Properly inflated tires and good tire condition can improve energy efficiency, leading to a slightly longer range.

Infotainment System, Accessories and Electronics
Your bike’s infotainment system uses energy and the more you use it, the more it affects range. Similarly, any additional accessories like heated grips and lights can draw power from the battery, slightly reducing the range.

Terrain and Elevation
Riding on hilly or rough terrain requires more energy compared to flat roads, impacting the motorcycle’s range. Planning routes with less elevation change can help optimize range.

Weather Conditions
Varying temperatures, both hot and cold, can affect battery performance and reduce range. Cold temperatures will decrease battery efficiency, while high temperatures can lead to heat-related issues. Weather conditions such as wind will also affect battery efficiency. Storing your motorcycle in moderate temperature conditions and avoiding extreme weather whenever possible can help maintain range. In addition, driving on wet roads consumes more energy than driving on dry roads.

Support & Maintenance

How will you support me?

For basic issues, the onboard diagnostics screen is accessible via the 8-inch screen. For more complex issues, we will offer support remotely and mobile by request.

How can I service this motorcycle?

We will have service points in various locations. Some will be static locations, and some will be mobile services that can support you in the comfort of your home. For more significant issues, you will have direct contact with our factory. The service network grows as we grow and have more bikes on the road.

What are the maintenance schedules?

We recommend an annual maintenance check that includes brakes, tires, and a general health check of the motorcycle.

How do you change the rear tire?

Tire changes take even less time than a regular motorcycle. Our modular design allows the rear rim to be removed in 5 minutes. Then traditional tools are used to remove the tire from the rim.

Accessories & Misc

What accessories can I use with Verge?

Universal products can be used before Verge MC-specific accessories are released.

Do you have windscreens/boxes accessories

First deliveries will not have accessories. However, they will be available in the near future.

Will there be any charging options for your phone?

There is a USB-C port in the seat compartment.

Anything missing? Send your question and we’ll get back to you asap.

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