Advanced software and intelligence platform now powering all Verge motorcycles.


The future of motorcycling



Starmatter is our new groundbreaking software and intelligence platform that’s transforming the way you ride.

It’s our commitment to innovation that extends beyond the motorcycle itself; it signifies our dedication to continuously enhancing the riding experience. Starmatter is the bridge between today’s exceptional ride and tomorrow’s even more remarkable one.

It’s also our promise to the future of all our new and existing customers to continue to make their bikes better, smarter and more exciting to ride.

Over the air updates

Experience the next evolution in motorcycling. Starmatter’s innovative OTA capability transcends the surface, infusing the motorcycle with deep core updates. It’s a continuous journey towards an exceptional ride.

Beyond the surface


A core part of Starmatter is our new over-the-air capability, that allows the ride experience to be enhanced continuously. Typically your vehicle is at its best on the day when you purchase it, but your smartphone gets better with every software update. Verge is now pioneering the same philosophy into the motorcycle industry.

Starmatter’s OTA capabilities go way beyond surface-level improvements that add new features to the user-facing software. Breaking new ground, it empowers us to infuse updates and fresh capabilities deep into the core of your electric motorcycle. Imagine updates that transform how your traction control system functions, or how your motor operates.

With Starmatter’s OTA updates, your electric motorcycle evolves, providing a ride experience that’s truly exceptional. It’s not just a motorcycle; it’s a dynamic, ever-improving companion on your journey.

Human Machine


With Starmatter, we’re opening a new chapter in HMI technology. Discover the power of complete control at your fingertips.

HMI Software

FULL COntrol at your fingertips

At the core of every Verge motorcycle lies our Human-Machine Interface, or HMI. The Verge HMI system offers precise control over your electric motorcycle’s behavior, featuring advanced customizable ride modes and effortless communication with various aspects of your bike – managing charging settings, core controls, and diagnostics. With Starmatter our HMI software begins a whole new chapter.

A New Era


Welcome to the future of riding.

Unreal Engine

Our HMI has been completely rebuilt, leveraging the unparalleled capabilities of Unreal Engine, the industry’s leading real-time graphics engine. Our engineers have harnessed its stunning potential to craft an interface that complements the external beauty of our motorcycles, setting the stage for an exciting riding experience.

Customize Your Ride

The Starmatter HMI serves as your portal to personalize your ride, allowing you to fine-tune every aspect to match your unique preferences. With it, you have the power to oversee and adjust critical parameters, including charging preferences and advanced custom ride modes, giving you control over maximum torque, speed, regenerative braking levels, and more.

Constant Evolution

Paired with the Starmatter OTA capabilities, Verge will continue to bring new features and capabilities to your bike, utilizing the best HMI engine in the world.

Complete Control While Riding

Starmatter dash1 new

All TS Ultra bikes come equipped with a stunning dash display designed to enhance your ride experience without getting in the way. Vital information is available at a glance during rides, while intuitive physical handlebar controls grant you access to essential features, such as ride modes and heated grips.

Starmatter Dash works harmoniously together with the infotainment display – the dash takes the lead when riding, while the infotainment display functions as the main control center of the bike when stationary.

1 Available only in TS Ultra.



Smart built-in hardware capabilities are a cornerstone of the Starmatter intelligence platform.

Built-in intelligence


As a pivotal part of the Starmatter intelligence platform, Verge is introducing cutting-edge hardware capabilities to our electric motorcycles.

Enhanced with a variety of sensors, from GPS to accelerometer, and boasting seamless communication capabilities through cellular connection, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, Verge is opening up a wave of new exciting possibilities. Paired with Starmatter’s HMI and OTA capabilities, these hardware advancements elevate your ride to an entirely new level of intelligence.

Starmatter vision1 new

Advanced machine vision system for Verge motorcycles.

1 Available only in TS Ultra.

Vision Hardware

Cameras & Radars

At the core of Starmatter Vision is the advanced hardware in our TS Ultra motorcycles. This includes six cameras, providing a full 360 degree view covering all the surroundings of the motorcycle comprehensively. These cameras are further complemented by two high-resolution radars, both front and back, that enable recognizing vehicles and other obstacles further away.

Advanced Safety

Extended spatial awareness

Starmatter Vision extends your spatial awareness while riding and functions as an additional set of eyes to help you notice what you may otherwise miss – all to increase safety and keep you in control while on the road.

Hazard Warnings
Blind Spot Assistance
Rear-View Camera

Using the onboard cameras and radars, the bike will identify potential hazards, such as a car approaching you from behind at a high speed, and issue safety warnings to help you react in time.

Activating the turn signal will bring up a camera feed on the dash to assist you in judging the safety of the maneuver.

Bring up the rear-view camera feed on the dash to have eyes in the back of your head and maintain awareness of the traffic behind you.

DATA + Artificial


Starmatter is setting a new standard for motorcycle innovation, by pioneering the integration of advanced AI.


Advanced AI capabilities


With Starmatter, Verge is leaping into the future with the integration of advanced AI capabilities in motorcycling.

Our mission is to continually enhance your ride experience, ensuring your bike evolves and becomes smarter over time. Powered by an abundance of data, powerful processing and the new sensory capabilities, we are able to build powerful machine learning models, unleashing unprecedented intelligence features that set a new standard for motorcycle innovation.

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