Verge Motorcycles launches new high-performance model at CES in Las Vegas – highly anticipated Verge electric motorcycles are now available for preliminary reservations in the US


The new Verge TS Ultra model is one of the most advanced electric motorcycles of all time. Preliminary reservations are now being taken so US fans can be contacted as soon as US sales begin. Verge announced the start of series production of their other models, the Verge TS and Verge TS Pro, for select European markets in November.

Verge Motorcycles announced it will start sales in select US states during 2023. By making a preliminary reservation, US fans can indicate their interest to be contacted when sales of the long-awaited electric motorcycles begin in the US.

Verge is known for its unique design and innovative integration of the rim motor inside the rear wheel. This groundbreaking technology enables a larger battery, longer range, and stunning performance. In addition, the center of gravity is lower, which provides a better riding experience compared to traditional electric motorcycles.

“We are currently working on entering the US market in select states and hope to start sales and deliveries in 2023. We see a lot of potential in the market, and the wait of bike enthusiasts will soon be rewarded with even more powerful and futuristic electric motorcycles,” says Tuomo Lehtimäki, CEO of Verge Motorcycles.

New TS Ultra model redefines performance standard for electric motorcycles

Verge Motorcycles is leading the way to the future of electric riding. The new Verge TS Ultra revealed at CES, the world’s largest annual consumer technology trade show, is a high-performance model designed from the ground up with electric drive in mind. The Verge TS and Verge TS Pro models already represent unprecedented innovation, but the performance of the new Ultra model is even more exceptional with its range of up to 233 miles and fast charging time of 25 minutes. With its 201 HP power output, the bike accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds.