TS Pro

The electric superbike

1000 Nm


3.5 sec

0-100 km/h

350 km

Max range


Where innovation meets freedom – redefining the way you experience riding.

The Verge Platform
Intergrated Rim Motor
Range & Charging
Smart & Connected
Ride Modes

The Verge Platform is our groundbreaking architectural design that relocates the motor into the rear wheel, creating space for a full-body battery pack and eliminates all unnecessary moving parts, setting the stage for an entirely new era in electric motorcycling.

Revolutionizing the very essence of motorcycle design, our integrated rim motor powers the Verge TS series, delivering unrivaled performance – 1000 Nm of torque – and a ride experience like no other.

With a CCS charging port enabling fast 35-minute charging and a full-body battery pack boasting a range of up to 350 km, unlock infinite opportunities for your motorcycle adventures.

All Verge motorcycles are powered by Starmatter, our groundbreaking software and intelligence platform, offering seamless over-the-air updates to the very core of the bike, next gen HMI-technology, smart hardware capabilities and powerful data and artificial intelligence.

Transform your ride with Verge’s diverse ride modes – Range, Zen, Beast and Custom – tailoring your riding experience precisely to your preferences, delivering a journey as unique as you are.


Experience the rush of the ride as you slice through the air with incredible agility and speed. The Verge TS Pro is the future of electric motorcycling.

The Verge TS Platform

The foundation is everything

Start from scratch and challenge everything. The Verge TS architecture is reimagined to its core.


Reinventing the Wheel

With our motor, we’ve reimagined the foundation of motorcycle design, providing you with an entirely new riding experience. Directly integrated into the wheel, the motor delivers unrivaled durability and exceptional performance.

A Verge electric motorcycle rides on a serpentine-like mountain road by the seaside on a sunny day with cliffs alongside the road.

Limitless Adventures

With the motor in the rear wheel, we’ve harnessed extra room for a full-body battery, providing unparalleled range and infinite opportunities for your biking adventures.

A close-up of a man driving an electric motorcycle. The driver wears a helmet, a black leather jacket and cargo pants. The motorcycle lights are on, as it is at twilight.

Gravity-Defying Ride

Experience unmatched stability and control. The full-body battery pack is positioned at the bottom of the body – leading to exceptionally low center of gravity, resulting in a ride that feels incredibly light and nimble.

Built to Last

The Verge TS Pro is a motorcycle where every component serves a purpose. Free from gears, belts, and unwanted maintenance, our electric motorcycle lets you focus on the ride, not the garage.

Torque & Acceleration



With the electric motor integrated into the rear wheel, the raw power is transferred straight into the road, delivering unparalleled performance. The TS Pro boasts instant torque of 1 000 Nm and accelerates from 0-100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds.

Battery, Range & Charging


With our large battery, low-center of gravity, fast charging capability and maximum range we’ve reimagined the electric motorcycle experience making it as convenient as possible.

Large Battery

Our unique electric motorcycle architecture has enabled us to maximise the size of the battery pack and position it at the bottom of the body – leading to a very low center of gravity, making the ride feel light and nimble in all situations.

Maximum Range

Our core mission is to enable you to get the most out of your electric motorcycle adventures and with up to 350 km of range you can truly focus on the ride ahead.

Fast Charging

Equipped with a CCS charging port that allows both AC slow charging as well as DC fast charging, a boost from 0 to 80% takes just 35 minutes, enabling you to spend more time on the road.


We’re not only changing the way you ride. We’re changing the way you experience riding.

The Future of Motorcycling


Advanced software and intelligence platform powering all Verge motorcycles.


Starmatter is the bridge between today’s exceptional ride and tomorrow’s even more remarkable one. It’s our promise to the future of all our new and existing customers to continue to make their bikes better, smarter and more exciting to ride.

Over-the-Air Updates

Starmatter’s innovative OTA capability transcends the surface, infusing the motorcycle with deep core updates.

Human Machine Interface

The Verge HMI system offers precise control over your electric motorcycle’s behavior, featuring advanced customizable ride modes and effortless communication with various aspects of your bike – managing charging settings, core controls, and diagnostics.

Smart Hardware

Enhanced with a variety of sensors, from GPS to accelerometer, and boasting seamless communication capabilities through cellular connection, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, Verge is opening up a wave of new exciting possibilities.

Data + AI

Powered by an abundance of data, powerful processing and new sensor capabilities, we are able to build powerful machine learning models, unleashing unprecedented intelligence features that set a new standard for motorcycle innovation.

Discover starmatter

The Verge Experience

Comfort and ease

Comfort, ease of use and meticulous attention to the finest of details define the Verge riding experience.

Adjustable Riding Positions

On the Verge TS Pro you get an extra set of forward foot pegs providing you with an alternative riding position.

Regenerative Braking

The adjustable regenerative braking recharges the battery while riding.

Heated Handgrips

The heated handgrips keep your hands warm in the coldest of conditions.

Storage Compartment

The bike has a small lockable storage compartment, equipped with a USB-C port, underneath the seat.

Best-in-Class Suspension & Brakes

The TS Pro is equipped with industry leading Öhlins or Wilbers suspension and Brembo brakes.

Cruise Control

Effortlessly maintain your desired speed for a more relaxed and enjoyable journey.

Ride Modes


Refine your ride with ride modes. Choose from our three predefined settings or personalize and create a mode that is uniquely yours.

Ride Modes


Refine your ride with ride modes. Choose from our three predefined settings or personalize and create a mode that is uniquely yours.

  • Range
    Make the ride last as long as possible.
  • Zen
    For smooth and relaxed cruising.
  • Beast
    Experience the rush of the ride.
  • Custom
    Take control over maximum torque, speed, regenerative braking levels, and more.


With great power comes
great responsibility

We aim to make our motorbikes as safe as possible. With features such as advanced traction control, ABS, and custom limits, we’ve been able to create a ride experience that feels both exciting and safe.


Anti-brake-locking system to prevent lock ups and keep you in control.

Traction control

The traction control system limits torque to maintain grip.

Custom limits

Use the custom ride mode to limit max speed and torque to only have as much power as you feel comfortable with.


The Verge TS Pro offers the perfect combination of innovation, quality, and unparalleled service.



With fewer moving parts to repair, we’ve designed Verge TS Pro with the goal of eliminating the need for service.

Less Moving Parts

The Verge TS Pro requires almost zero maintenance, as it has no traditional moving parts such as chains, belts, and cogwheels, and no gear box oils or cooling liquids. Paired with remote diagnostics and over-the-air software updates that regularly improve your bike, you'll spend more time on the road.

European Quality

When choosing Verge TS Pro, you know that you receive the pinnacle of design and quality. All of the parts are made in-house at our factory or sourced from top-of-the-line European manufacturers. Verge TS Pro is a showcase of high-quality European craftsmanship.

Mobile Service Experience

Verge offers an exclusive mobile unit service experience. When your bike needs maintenance or service, effortlessly schedule our specialized technicians to attend to your bike at a location of your choosing.

Award-Winning Design


Choose your style and customise your ride. Or explore our special seasonal editions for a unique twist on the aesthetics of the Verge TS Pro.


The Verge TS Pro pushes every specification to its limit, delivering an uncompromised, holistic riding experience that stands unrivaled in the world of electric motorcycles.




Top speed



0-100 km/h



Fast charging



Power output



Range (up to)



Size & weight
Seat height 780 mm
Wheelbase 1540 mm
Width (without mirrors) 895 mm
Height (without mirrors) 1128 mm
Length 2197 mm
Weight 245 kg
Maximum laden mass 400 kg
Ground clearance 150 mm
Front suspension travel 120 mm
Rear suspension travel 106 mm
Rake / Caster angle 20.5 degrees
Front tire 120/70 R17 (58W)
Rear tire 240/45 R17 (82W)
Front Double Brembo M4.32 calipers (4 pistons each), Double 320 mm Galfer discs
Rear Verge rear caliper (4 pistons), Galfer peripheral 380 mm
City estimate 350 km
Highway estimate 200 km
EU Regulation 134/2014, Annex VII 191 km

We have not yet calculated the range based on any mandatory regulation in any country where we are not yet selling our bikes, such as in the United States or Canada. 

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How does delivery work? Will you bring the bike to my home?

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