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Experience electric in Monaco

Take the Verge TS Pro for a spin on the streets of Monaco and experience the future of motorcycling.

Verge TS Pro

Our patented integrated rim motor technology challenges the century-old architecture of traditional bikes, delivering a technologically advanced motorcycle that seamlessly combines ease of use, riding enjoyment, minimal maintenance, and top-tier safety on the road.

Electric Simplicity

The TS Pro is a paradigm shift towards safer, simpler, and cleaner riding that’s also incredibly fun. Accessible to riders of all levels, the TS Pro eliminates the complexities of traditional motorcycles. Forget about coordinating clutch and gears – just twist the throttle and go.

Streets of Monaco

Your exclusive test ride experience will begin at the Verge Flagship Store in Monaco right by the legendary Casino de Monte-Carlo. Our Test Ride Specialist will brief you on everything you need to know as you experience the future of motorcycling on the iconic streets of this motorsport city.

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Frequently asked questions

Still unsure about something?

Do I need a driver’s license to test ride?

The Verge TS Pro requires a full A-license to ride it. This is required also for test rides as testing is done on public streets.

Is test riding free?

Yes. Test riding is entirely free.

Where does testing take place?

Your test ride experience will start from our flagship store in Monaco right by the legendary Casino de Monte-Carlo.

How long is the test ride?

We reserve approximately 45 minutes for each test ride. This includes pre-ride briefing and 20-30 minutes of riding.

Will I be riding alone or in a group?

The test ride experience will be privately organised just for you.

What do I need to bring with me? Do I need my own riding gear?

You will need your driver’s license with you. In terms of gear, we have helmets and gloves available if you need to borrow some. However, if you have your own riding gear, we recommend bringing it with you for maximum comfort and the best fit.

Do I need any previous experience with electric motorcycles?

No. There is no specific knowledge or experience required. Our Test Ride Specialist will brief you on everything you need to know and will ensure you feel comfortable and confident when beginning your ride. Riding the Verge TS Pro is much simpler and easier than traditional motorcycles as there are for example no gears or clutch to worry about. You’ll be riding in no time!

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