California Edition Order Summary – Verge Motorcycles

Will I be able to make changes to my configuration after placing an order?

Absolutely! You can still make changes to your configuration even after placing an order – all the way until production starts on your bike. You are free to change any aspect of your configuration, including the model, color, seat and suspension. Just reach out to notify us of any changes you would like to make. We will also be in touch right before production to confirm you are still happy with your configuration.

Do you offer consumer financing?

To give our customers more options for payment, we are negotiating with one of the world’s leading consumer finance enterprises to offer financing options for those interested. If you have expressed your interest in consumer financing under the payment details form on this page, we will do our best to assist you with financing as payment of the bike approaches. If you need financing, but unfortunately do not get approved for it, you are free to cancel your order.

Is it possible to cancel my order?

Yes. While we of course wish to deliver you the exhilarating experience of owning and riding a Verge motorcycle, we understand that for any number of reasons you may need or wish to cancel your order. Cancellation is possible until your bike goes into production. In the event of cancelling your order, no additional costs will be incurred beyond the non-refundable order fee paid already at the time of order.